Explore a variety of training opportunities offered throughout the week. While schedules may vary, here‘s an overview of our regular sessions. Stay updated by contacting the Captain and ensuring you‘re subscribed to training emails!

JUNIOR TRAINING: Catering to all junior levels – ANA offers a Junior Racing Squad and a Junior Development Squad.

COACHED SESSIONS: Open to all crews, focusing on technique and led by a number of different coaches targeting different levels.

DEVELOPMENT SQUAD: Structured sessions designed for new and returning rowers and offering boat familiarisation.


  • Arranged single sessions on weekday mornings.
  • ANA Training for opt-in recreational rowers.
  • Small Boat Buddies: Members can arrange rowing sessions in singles or doubles through this WhatsApp group.

RACING TRAINING: Various sessions throughout the week led by experienced coaches focusing on fitness and confidence building.

OFF-WATER SESSIONS: Seasonal gym sessions and evening erg sessions with tailored programs available.

STAY CONNECTED with WhatsApp Groups: Join our Masters, social chats, recreational rowing, and specific training groups to stay informed and engaged!