Training Sessions

Training sessions are available throughout the week. Below is a general overview of regular training sessions, but training schedules may vary slightly from week to week. Contact the Captain for more information and make sure you receive the Captain’s training update emails!

Juniors training

Wednesdays 5:00am and Sundays 6:00am led by Head Coach Graham Scattergood and Alysia Johnson. These sessions are for all levels of junior rowers including those preparing for Nationals and WAIS Pathways. Graham Scattergood also coaches a juniors’ development squad session on Sundays from 8:45 am.

Coached sessions

Saturdays 6:30am with Lauren Duncan. Any crews welcome, just book boat and show up. Lauren posts a session program and video each week on the Training WhatsApp Group.

Saturdays 8:30am with Phil Cockman. Coached session with a strong focus on technique. This is an opt-in session organised through a WhatsApp group.

ANA Development Squad

Sundays 7.40am for 8.00am on the water. This is for new rowers and rowers returning to rowing after a break. It is a structured session with a focus on consolidating technical work, familiarisation with the river and the club and getting linked in with other club members. The session is in quads and all rowers rotate through the different seats including familiarisation with steering the boat.

Juniors who are new rowers will be directed to the Sunday Development Squad session to be mentored by our Head Coach, Graham Scattergood. Sessions are organised through the ANA Development Squad WhatsApp Group.

Recreational rowing

Single sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings. By arrangement with Tony Beech. The focus is on familiarisation with rowing in a single scull.

Fridays 5:45am – 7am, Sundays 6:00am to 8am: ANA Tim’s Training. Tim Boyle organises two sessions each week. These are opt-in sessions for recreational rowers and, while there is no formal coaching, it’s a really good workout! 

Small Boat Buddies: In this WhatsApp group members arrange with each other to come down at times that suit them for rows in singles or doubles.

Racing training

Training for all squads racing in 2024. Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00am with Louisa Anderson and Mark Easterbrook, Thursday 6:00pm with John Walters/Lauren Duncan and Saturdays 6:00am with Lauren Duncan.

You need to be fit and pretty confident as these groups work hard. Check with the Captain or your coach if you are not sure if these sessions are suitable for you. This group currently works from an availability spreadsheets found at the top of the WhatsApp group chat.

Off-water sessions

Gym sessions: 6:15pm Tuesdays with Belinda. Just show up.

Erg sessions: Wednesdays at 6:00pm with Louisa Anderson. All welcome and recommended for those who wish to train for racing. 

Erg program: There is access to a range of Erg programs in the group description depending on your personal training goals. 

Staying in touch – WhatsApp Groups

ANA has WhatsApp groups for the ANA Masters, a general ANA Social chat, the ANA Recreational group and a bunch of more specific training groups. As you look at joining regular training sessions, ask to be added to the required WhatsApp groups.