Racing at ANA

Considering racing?

Here is a link to the 2023 Rowing WA Regatta Calendar:

The All Schools Regattas are listed here with all the other regattas. These Regattas are open to all Juniors who are racing members (note the PSA and IGSSA regattas are only for a select group of private schools). There are two other categories for club rowers (racing members):

  • Masters (over 27 years old) – races are handicapped according to the average age of the crew
  • Pennants – Fastest boat wins – races are not handicapped and are graded according to placings in races. If you win a number of races at a lower grade, you are moved up a grade.

Most of these are at Champion Lakes and raced over 1000m or 2000m (A/B grade) or 500m for the youngest Juniors. There are also long distance Head Races that contribute to club competition points. These are the Mettam, Guildford to Garrett and Perth to Fremantle Head Races.

There are a couple of non-pennant regattas that are open to racing as well as recreational members. The Head of the Swan, a 8.6 km time trial race hosted by ANA towards the end of the year, is one of these.

Our Captain can provide advice if you are new to rowing and considering competing. He can give you more information about training sessions and how to go about becoming a racing member.

The following regattas are open to all club members (racing and recreational). You will see them marked as club/non pennant regattas:

  • Sun 3 March Albany Regatta
  • Sat 23 March Murdoch Mini Regatta 
  • Sun 21 April Eaton Head Race (Bunbury)
  • Sat 4 May RWA Canning Bridge Classic
  • Sat 12 October RWA Corporate Regatta
  • Sun 27 October ANA Head of the Swan

Recreational members can organise their own crews to enter these regattas. Boat availability will be limited by space on the trailer and the requirements of the racing squad. Contact our Recreation Coordinator Tony Beech to arrange boats and the entry process.

What commitment is involved in participating in regattas?

Apart from training with your crew or squad, all competitors are needed  to assist with getting the club’s boats too and from regattas. The Captain oversees this process with a detailed trailer plan and coordination of loading and unloading:

  • The evening before the regatta: de-rig and load boats and equipment onto the trailer. 
  • Before the first race: unload the trailer and rig the boats in time for racing.
  • After the regatta: de-rig the and load boats at the race venue. 
  • When the trailer returns to ANA: unload, wash, rig and rack the boats.

Volunteers are needed who have a suitable vehicle to tow the trailer to and from each regatta.

What costs are involved in participating in 2023 regattas?

Racing membership and seat fees

  • Contact our Treasurer to arrange an invoice to alter your ANA membership category from Recreational to Racing. It is approximately $200 extra per annum.
  • Seek advice from the Treasurer as to how to upgrade Rowing WA Registration from Recreational to Racing. It is around $40 – $60 extra.
  • Seat fees in 2023 are between $11 and $19.50 (depending on the type of race) and are charged per race. Heats and finals count as one race. If you enter a race, you are liable for the seat fee, even if you withdraw and someone else races in your place. It’s not uncommon for members to participate in 3 to 4 races, some brave souls in as many as 6!
  • There are a number of regattas that are open to all club members, including Recreational members. The seat fees for these are determined by the club organising each regatta. For example last year, the Canning Bridge Classic had a single fee of $22 that included “All you can eat”.
  • Here is a link to Rowing WA Fees for 2023 – 
Racing uniform

There are regulations as to how racing uniforms are worn in Rowing WA regattas. The requirements are stated in the latest (May 2022) Rowing WA Rules of Racing:

23.4 Each member of a Club or school competing in an RWA Event shall wear the racing uniform of their Club or school. Except as provided for composite crews, members of the same crew shall compete in identical racing uniform. 

23.5 If any member of a crew wears visible garments under their racing uniform, then the garment worn by those crew members must be identical in colour except for permitted sponsor identifications which shall nonetheless be identical within each crew. Where an athlete chooses to wear a garment, the remainder of the crew will have to option on whether to wear that garment. The sleeve or leg length of the garment may vary between crew members. 

23.6 If any members of a crew wear headgear, such headgear shall be of the same colour.

Put simply: You can race in a club zoot suit (costing at various retailers from $90) or racing singlet (around $55) and shorts/leggings. Club caps are not a requirement, but should be the same colour for each member of the crew. ANA generally has black and white caps in stock for $20 each. Contact the Treasurer to purchase one.

It takes time for delivery of zoot suits or racing singlets ordered. If yours has not arrived there are members who have spares and are happy to loan to others in need! Before the regatta season begins there is usually someone who will put out a message for anyone who would like to participate in a bulk order. There is usually savings in delivery costs.