Welcome to ANA Rowing Club based in Perth, Western Australia.
ANA has a proud reputation of being a very welcoming, family friendly and social club with a competitive edge! Our goal is to promote rowing for all and to provide pathways for members to participate in the sport on a recreational, social, racing or high performance basis.


Our members range from school age to octogenarians and from complete beginner to National Championship medal winners. We are proud to offer rowing to anybody who would like to be involved in the sport. 


Located at A.P. Hinds Reserve in Bayswater near the Garratt Road Bridge, ANA has access to the best rowing water in Perth. It is the only community based rowing club situated on the Swan River to the East of the city. ANA also has a shed at the international standard rowing course at Champion Lakes located in the City of Armadale.

ANA membership includes access to a wide range of club boats, on-water coaching, organised cross training sessions and 24/7 gym access plus hot showers and free onsite parking.


We are always happy to share our enthusiasm for this addictive sport!

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

Fund Raising

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Tax deductible donations can be made directly to the ANA Boat Fund through the Australian Sports Foundation.

Sunday Course
This 4-week course is designed to give you an introduction to rowing in single sculls and crew boats. Classes run from 9.00-10.30am.

Our next available course starts on Sunday 12 September and runs through to 3 October. Click here for details

Weekday Course
This course is designed for people who are interested in learning to row on weekdays, and is a more comprehensive course to teach you to row in single sculls.
This is a 3-week course comprising 3 modules per week (total of 9 modules).

Classes run from 9.30-11.00 am

The course is for beginners, and also for people wanting to revamp their rowing skills and those wanting join in on some weekday mid-morning rows  
Our next available weekday course starts on 17 August and runs through to 3 September. Click here for details

New session time of 7:30am Sundays

The Sunday morning novice squad is a new session for:

  - novice or inexperienced rowers who want to work in a regular crew, and

  - rowers who are coming back to rowing after a break.

Our first session last Sunday 11 July 2021 at 8.30am with 2 quads was a very good session once we actually got onto the water. We were delayed getting our boats on the water due to the number of other rowers at that time carrying their boats in and out of the shed, available trestles being used by others, and finding space on the beach. After the session we discussed what we should do in future and the unanimous view was to bring the start time forward to 7.30am and aim for a 9.00am finish.

So please note the Novice Squad session time is now Sundays 7.30am.

The session is otherwise unchanged. Rowing is in quads with a crew of 5. Rowers will rotate steering the boat, so that as well as improving your rowing skills you will learn to steer as well and become self-sufficient as a crew. There will be a coach per crew for very new rowers.

The focus is on developing -

  Rowing and coxing technique


  Familiarity with the river

  Boat handling

  Shed protocols


In time you will be able to go out as a recreational crew independently and at times of your own choice, and be comfortable and safe.

You also will be able to comfortably train with the racing squad in the novice/novice crew category and get to know your fellow club members.

Contact Cassandra, the Novice Squad Coordinator at CassandraKingMaker@gmail.com or on 0427 711 626

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