About ANA Rowing Club

ANA aims to promote the sport of rowing in WA and to provide a safe and fun environment for people to learn how to row. From there we provide on-going support to improve members’ skills to whatever level they aspire to.

ANA members enjoy arguably the best water in Perth. The large boat shed is located at the A.P. Hinds Reserve, Bayswater. It is just upstream of the Garratt Road Bridge with access via Milne Street.

‚ÄčANA members can row upstream for at least 10km, past Guildford Grammar School. This stretch of river is wide enough to row comfortably with several boats abreast, but narrow enough to provide shelter from winds and sun. The banks are lined with native bushland and parks and usually surrounded by native bird life such as black swans, pelicans, cormorants, grebes, darters. Also, there is always excitement on the river when the local dolphins venture upstream to feed and play.

Rowing downstream from ANA to Fremantle (25km), or onto the Canning River all the way down to the Shelley Bridge (20km) is possible, although normally rowers remain upstream of the Graham Farmer Freeway, with just the odd trip into Perth City. This stretch of the Swan River is wider and consequently rougher, with more power boats. However, it is still almost always rowable and provides good wide, straight sections to practice racing pieces.