About ANA Rowing Club

Our mission at ANA is to encourage active and enjoyable involvement in the sport of rowing over a wide membership base and to allow members to develop to their full potential both in a competitive and personal role. To provide appropriate, quality equipment, coaching and other facilities in order for this to be met. ANA members work together to row well and enjoy it through fostering a strong club community.

ANA Rowing Club Values

  • Rower-centered – our activities are focused and created around and centered upon the best interests of the club’s current and future rowers.          
  • Sustainable – we act as custodians of the club and our local environment, our activities are designed to provide long term benefit and be sustainable over time
  • Inclusive – we are inclusive and accommodating within acknowledged constraints specific to the sport of rowing and our facilities.
  • Ethical – integrity and inclusivity guides the actions of all our members.
  • Respectful – we respect the rights and responsibilities of all members of the greater rowing community.                                                                                   
  • Safe – we commit to fostering a culture of safety in our activities and calling out inappropriate behavior                                                                                    
  • Commitment and Endeavor – we respect and recognise the hard work and effort made by members to advance their skills, the skills of others and the club.
  • Fun – we promote a sense of fun and excitement in all our programs and activities.


Located at A.P. Hinds Reserve in Bayswater, our extensive boat shed offers convenient access to some of Perth’s finest waterways. Members can embark on scenic journeys upstream, enjoying the tranquility of the Swan River’s natural surroundings. From native bushland to sightings of local wildlife like black swans, pelicans, and dolphins, our waters provide a serene backdrop for rowing adventures.

While upstream excursions offer calm waters and picturesque scenery, downstream routes towards Fremantle or along the Canning River present rowers with exhilarating challenges. Despite the occasional presence of powerboats, these stretches still offer ample opportunities for training and racing.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned rower, ANA welcomes you to experience the beauty and excitement of rowing on the Swan River.