Weekday Adult Learn to Row (WALTR) Course

As we get older, we’re not getting stronger, but we can maintain a good level of fitness by regularly rowing. You need a good sense of balance and an upright posture.  It is low impact sport. Sculling involves little twisting, so it’s easy on the body.


To the inexperienced eye, rowing looks so easy. The nice thing about the single scull is that you can stop whenever the boat doesn’t feel right. Maybe your grip is off. Don’t keep going; stop readjust and get your muscle memory working on remembering what is right, not wrong.


Most older women who row admit that after they decided to give the sport a try, they got pulled in by the rhythm, the water and the way it looks easy but can be maddeningly challenging.


Sculling is also perfect for a slow meditative row along the river as you watch the abundant birdlife watching back and ignoring you.  


Best of all, for women of a certain age, rowing can deliver a huge sense of accomplishment as well as great social interaction.


On course completion participants will be invited to become club members and offered pathways to row in crew boats, quads and eights and progress towards competitive rowing events. Alternatively, participants may wish to continue rowing single sculls slowly along the river, enjoying the wildlife and changing seasons.


  • The course starts at 9:30 am on the calm water upstream of the Garratt Road Bridge in Bayswater, outside the club house.

  • The course is generally aimed at matured age people, and those with free time weekday mornings.

  • No previous rowing experience necessary.

  • Introductory rowing program for adults who want to try the sport for the first time, or return to the sport after some time away.

  • Participants will need to declare they can swim 100 metres wearing gym gear.

  • Participants will receive indoor and on-water instructions. They will learn about safety, equipment, terminology, and the basic elements of a rowing stroke, focusing on sculling.

  • All rowing equipment is provided.

  • Participants will need to bring thick easy pull on socks that will get wet, a water bottle, hat and towel. They should come dressed in close fitting gym wear or shorts and t-shirt, avoiding loose fitting clothing that may become tangled in the equipment.

  • The course is run over three weeks.

  • Week one consists of three 1.5-hour single scull sessions, to get a taste for rowing, cost $50. Afterwards participants can progress to week two.

  • Week two consists of three more single scull sessions to develop basic rowing technique. Participants will receive instruction on how to row in a straight line, and reverse, make sharp turns, and stop. Cost $50.

  • Week three - a further three sessions to fine-tune skills developed in week two. On successful completion of the WALTR Course the participant will be invited to join the club.

  • Membership includes a shed introductory course; the new fully paid members will be entitled to use allocated single sculls and to participate in crew boats including quads and eighths under the direction of an experienced cox.

  • Alternatively, the participant may wish to request a further three sessions at a cost of $50



The course starts on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:30 am

9 February 2021

9 March 2021


Fees ($50 per week) paid on registration before the start of each week.


Note: Week Three fees applied to pro-rata club membership fee or repeat of Week Two sessions.  All fees are non-refundable.

Please use this form to inquire about the WALTR course

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