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Weekday Adult Learn to Row (WALTR) Course

Rowing is not just for the young, super fit and early morning risers.
It is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of fitness, and best of all, does not need to be just done early in the morning !!
Rowing can be enjoyed during much of the day as a recreational and fun sport, most of the year round depending on the weather and water conditions.


The WALTR course offers adults of all ages a chance to learn to row on the Swan River at Bayswater in a friendly non-rushed environment.
The section of the river around ANA Rowing Club offers some of Perth’s safest and most rowable water.
If you are not an early morning riser, if your life schedules do not allow you take part in any early morning sport, if you just prefer a slower start to the day, whether you see yourself doing a fast energetic row or taking a quiet leisurely row, escaping from the phone and internet world, this might be the course for you.


No previous rowing experience is needed as you will be carefully guided through all the basic skills at each lesson.

Participants need to be able to swim 100 meters in gym clothing (whether it be freestyle, breast stroke, or side stroke), and agile enough to be able to get in and out of a rowing boat.


Ex-rowers wanting to return to the sport are also welcomed.

The Course Content
The course consists of 6 lessons, each lesson running for 90 minutes. It is recommended that you do two lessons a week, however lessons can be arranged to suit your life’s demands.

Skills Taught
Rowing incorporates and connects your whole body, from your brain to your core to all your limbs and muscles. It is good for posture, flexibility, balance and improving muscle toning and strength.
Participants will receive indoor instruction on the rowing ergo, and on-water instruction focussing on single scull rowing.

The first lesson includes discussion of the design and function of the different types of rowing boats and oars, specifically single sculls, correct use of the rowing ergo, body movement and posture required for stable rowing, how to set up a scull for rowing, how to balance and connect with the water in a single scull.
Following lessons will revise the skills you covered in your previous lesson and we will work with you at a level and pace that will best suit you as an individual.

Throughout the course you will be taught about safety in the rowing shed, handling the equipment, safety on the river and understanding the associated weather and water conditions that are important to know for rowing.
You will be chaperoned on the river throughout the course by experienced rowers.

Lesson Times
Starting time is usually at 10.30am.
However times can change due to weather conditions or to suit your life demands.
This can be discussed when you make your enquiries.

Cost of the Course
$100.00 (six lessons) which needs to be paid online prior to the start of your course.

What to wear
Close fitting gym clothes, or non-baggy shorts and tee shirts.

Choose non bulky clothing to suit cold, wet, and windy weather conditions.

What to bring

  • Water bottle

  • Towel

  • Spare set of rowing clothes

  • Hat / beanie

  • Socks

  • Thongs

At the end of the course you will be offered the opportunity to join the ANA Rowing Club. Once you are a Club member you can continue on with your sculling and/or join in crew boats on a recreational level or competition racing level.

Membership will also offer you the chance to meet new friends and to share in Club activities.

Note: If you choose to join the Club, $50 of your course fee will be deducted from the full membership fee

For more information or enquiries, please complete the Form on this page or contact Megan Phillips by email:

Please note the WALTR course is not currently running

Please use this form to inquire about the WALTR course

Thankyou! We will be in touch soon.

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