Recreational Rowing at ANA

All members who are competent rowers and have completed the Boat Handling Course are entitled to row when they wish for fitness and pleasure.

Competence to row without supervision is determined by the club captain. This is essential for member safety.
Members may choose to row one of our single sculls or arrange to go out in a crew boat with other ANA members.

Junior members are required to have experienced adult club members with them.

There are also opportunities for all members to participate in coached sessions:

Coached Rowing Sessions:

Friday from 6:30 to 8:30am

Sunday from 6:30 to 8:30am. Recreational and Racing members welcome for an on water session. Stay on afterwards for breakfast and a chat by the beautiful Swan River.

Morning Recreational Sessions: Weekdays 6:15 - 7:45am

Recreational member Kathy Thomas invites all ANA recreational rowers to come along for a morning row in the daylight during the week Monday to Friday.

Rowers need to be reasonably confident and competent on the water.

Generally the plan is to arrive around 6:15 am, be on the water at 6:30 am, row around the island and be off the water at 7:30 am, washed and put away by 7:45 am.

It would be great to encourage more recreational rowers to be on the river more frequently on a regular basis, given the rec sculls are more available for use during the week as opposed to weekends.

With more time on the river the recreational rowers will gain confidence and fitness and better their technique and then may seek out racing opportunities etc.

It would be great to build up a network of rec rowers who are keen to row on weekday mornings, and can help each other out with the sculls etc. and it always a good idea to row with a buddy.

Opportunities for Recreational Rowers:


Club Rowing – Pennants and Masters

Members also have the opportunity if they wish to become Racing Members to compete in WA Pennants and Masters Regattas and to aspire to represent ANA at National level.

See here for more activities available to all members.