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Racing at ANA

The rowing competition season in Western Australia runs from April to late September. Masters regattats are generally held early in the season, followed by long distance (“head”) races then Pennant Regattas leading up to the State Championships in September.

Pennants are split into four grades (A to C and Novice). Everyone starts as a Novice and progresses by winning races. After two years, athletes are automatically progressed to C Grade if they aren't already there.

The Masters program is open to all registered rowers aged 27 and over. Categories are based on age, with A Grade being 27 - 35 through to K Grade at 85 and over.  All Masters regatta races are 1000m.

More information from Rowing WA

The Australian Rowing Championships and interstate racing events are held in late March to early May. Training for these events takes place following completion of the state rowing season.


All members who are competent rowers and have completed the Boat Handling Course are entitled to row from the club when they wish to supplement their training.


There are several training sessions preparing rowers and crews to compete in WA Regattas at Pennants and Masters levels.

Pennants/Masters coached sessions:

Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday from 5 - 7am

Sunday from 6:30 to 8:30am

See here for more activities available to all members.

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