Learn to Row Regatta


This program is for those wishing to learn to row in a group. Four friends, work colleagues or complete strangers are coached for five sessions and then take part in 500m racing! It is a fun way to learn how to row and is a great team-building exercise.

The Learn To Row Regatta is open to everyone with little or no experience or those who haven't competed for 10 years. Crews can be women, men or mixed. Costumes are part of the fun!

Our next regatta will be on Sunday 12 March 2023.

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Training ideally starts December/January and runs through to the event in March. Lessons are provided by a dedicated coach who will work with the crew to prepare for the event.


Training sessions are organised by the crew and coach at times that suit them all.

​​The Outcome

True team based skills, health & fitness as well as competing in an actual rowing regatta for prizes and bragging rights!


Prizes are awarded to the winning crews and also for the most creative team name and costumes.

The Event

Will be held at A.P. Hinds Reserve, Bayswater in March 2023. The distance of the race is 500 metres and everyone races at least twice.


The Cost

Just $150 a head, excellent value!

Bring family, friends & colleagues, a picnic & loud support for a fun day out on the lawn under the gum trees by the best water in Perth!