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ANA Juniors Program

2021 Womens Novice Quad State Champions

This program is aimed at providing all junior athletes with opportunities to experience enjoyment and success in the sport of rowing. Juniors from any school are able to participate in the All-Schools racing program which is open to full time students. These events are run by school year group. Juniors can also race in Pennant regattas.

As well as annual membership, we offer term by term memberships for school students. The cost is $150 per term which includes the holidays after the term. For first time signups, use the School Term Application Form. For renewals, please use the School Term Renewal Form. See the Membership Fees page for more info.

Junior training times are:

Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30am
Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30am

Sunday from 6 to 8am


We have a pathway for athletes who demonstrate commitment and skills to enter the more senior group at any time.

Juniors VIII

Opportunities for Young Rowers

Recreational Rowing
Continue to develop technique and fitness without the pressure of competition.

WA All Schools Regattas
Students compete at year levels representing their school or club.

Club Rowing
Students also have the opportunity to compete in WA Pennants Regattas and to aspire to represent ANA at National level. This is separate to the All Schools Regattas.

High Performance Rowing
As young rowers develop their technique and fitness there is the opportunity to participate in the ANA High Performance squad. The High Performance squad works intensively towards representing ANA at the National level.


Talent Identification Program  For new rowers, WA Institute of Sport provides specialised coaching at the club level to fast-track school age beginners who demonstrate potential.

National Pathways Program for School Age Rowers
School age rowers are selected by WA Institute of Sport for specialised training – with a view to representing the state.

See here for more activities available to all members.

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