Rowing in the era of COVID-19

Last updated Sunday 7 June

The move to Phase 3 of COVID-19 restrictions means that we can now row crew boats again at ANA.  Please note that the measures outlined below are necessarily strict to ensure both the safety of members and compliance with current restrictions.  Potential fines for non-compliance with State enforced COVID-19 restrictions are up to $250,000 per entity and $50,000 per individual, plus police can issue $1000 on-the-spot fines. Please read right to the end as there is a lot to take in, and bear in mind these measures may get updated as we navigate these uncharted waters.

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Online Shed Booking System

Online Gym Booking System

Health Rules for Dealing with COVID-19

Rowing with COVID-19

As a pre-requisite to going for a row there are a couple of formalities:

A.   Pay Subscriptions, Sign Membership Form, Await Approval from Siok

1. Payment of subscriptions. You must be financial before you can row.

For those members that have paid the $200 holding fee then the subscription fee, as previously advised, will be:

  • Adult Racing11/12 x $600 - $200 = $350 (to pay)

  • All others11/12 x $520 - $200 = $267 (to pay)

EFT -BSB: 736-000 A/C No: 070 182 Account Name: ANA Rowing Club


2. Sign and return the renewal form. The club needs this for insurance purposes

3. Await receipt of the shed code from Siok once 1 & 2 above have been completed. Note that Siok will need to register you with Rowing WA as part of the insurance process so please be patient.  Please do not book a row beforehand.


B.   Online Shed Booking System (see here for the gym)

Next, there is an online booking spreadsheet to allow up to 25 people to use the shed per half hour slot. Booking is required for any presence at the shed at any time - including maintenance and rowing (whether using club or private boats). Two slots are required to row – one to get on the water and one to return to the shed.

The booking system can also be used for contact tracing and users must accept that their details may be passed on to the Dept of Health for such purposes. It also replaces the boat sign in/out book for now. If there is a change to your times or the boat you booked, please update the system.

By using the booking system, you are confirming that you have read, understood and accepted all of the policies stated on this page. The first tab shows instructions and a list of eligible users*, the second tab contains an example and the rest are individual booking days.  Key info required – name, reason (rowing / maintenance) and boat name. If you are not sure of the boat you will be taking, it can be filled in later.

*If your name does not appear here then you are not yet eligible to row (probably see 1 & 2 above).  Please contact Siok to establish the reason.

Please remember to remove a booking if you can’t make it – someone else may get a row.

Contact Alexis Whelan or a committee member if you are struggling to navigate the online booking sheet.  Make sure you allow enough time to get assistance before the intended time slot.

A maximum of 25 people are allowed inside or outside the shed at any given time.  The online booking sheet attempts to control numbers but if, for any reason, it becomes apparent that limits will be breached please use common sense to manage compliance with the restriction.  It’s in everyone’s interest because if we can’t make this work then the committee will have no alternative to shutting the club

C.  Gym, Change Room and Shower Facilities

The showers and changing room facilities are now open. 

The gym should be open soon. Contact tracing is a requirement for the gym as well. Its booking sheet is at

All equipment must be sanitised when you have finished with it and before the next persone uses it.

​D.  Health Rules for Dealing with COVID-19


Next, to keep everyone healthy:


  1. Do not attend if unwell especially fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, nose symptoms.

  2. Do not attend if you have COVID, been in contact with COVID case, or are awaiting results of a COVID test.

  3. If you subsequently develop symptoms and are diagnosed with COVID please inform Claire or Nigel immediately.

  4. Practice good hygiene at the club – use soap and water to wash hands OR alcohol based sanitizer as frequently as necessary.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth whilst at the shed and if you do then clean your hands as per above. If you are opening the shed, please be extra conscious of hygiene.

  5. Cough or sneeze into your elbow. Avoid using that elbow region to carry a boat which has been sanitized ready for the next rower.

  6. Practice social distancing with a minimum of 1.5 metres between people and not more than 25 people in the shed or on foreshore in front of the shed.  Do not congregate for a social catch up as the scheduling is designed to minimise numbers at any one time.

  7. Rowing WA encourages the use of the COVIDSafe App to protect the community.  The app helps state and territory health officials to quickly contact people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.


E.   Rowing with COVID-19 restrictions


  1. Stick to your time slot – the scheduling relies on members arriving, boating and getting off the water at their designated times.  Use a watch, stroke coach with time or phone in the boat to keep track of the time.

  2. Do not fill your water bottle at the shed.  Please fill prior to arrival at the shed.

  3. Do not share equipment such as lights, seat pads, calf guards or tools.

  4. Please clean your hands before starting to clean equipment after the row.  It’s important that the boats are washed (with soap) inside and out as well as the oars including the shafts and handles (preferably with alcohol wipes).

  5. Try to be efficient on the shore to avoid encroaching on others’ time.

  6. Please be aware of your surroundings to ensure social distancing with other users at the foreshore.

  7. If there are any issues at any time please contact a member of the committee.


The committee has implemented these measures with the best of intentions to allow members to row in the present COVID-19 environment and given the restrictions in place.  Whilst these measures are intended to reduce the risk to members that risk cannot be eliminated and each member has to take the responsibility for deciding whether to row or not row in the current circumstances.


Finally, thank you to all members for your patience during these challenging times.