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2017 Results

2017 Head of the Yarra - Melbourne

Saturday 25 November 2017

Every year Hawthorn Rowing Club hosts the biggest head race in the country. This year, 258 Eights raced the 8.6km winding course on a hot and humid day.  Making it there takes a lot of commitment and everyone deserves a cheer, but special congratulations to Alec Monger, Phil Cockman, Nigel Lucas, Hugh Bond, Mary Cameron, Jenni Longman, Anna Chauvel and Deb Ucich, coxed by Kay Jansen and coached by Chris Hayes for taking out the Masters Mixed D Grade event!

2017 State Championships - Champion Lakes

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 September 2017

This weekend saw the finale of the short course pennant racing season.

On arrival on day one, the course was shrouded in fog, lending mystery to the day as to who would be the ultimate victors. Once the sun had risen, the day turned to a beautiful sunny day with a cross breeze across the course. Day two also began in a similar fashion with a gorgeous sunny day for prime racing conditions.

The day saw a number of ding dong battles both between clubs and members. A valiant effort by our members saw ANA walk away with medals and minor placings lending itself to a successful weekend.

Ultimate victors, state champions and title holders are as follows:

  • Joe "Superman" Lovrich in Mens C Grade Single

  • Jon Allard, Mitch Craig, Jai Coutinho, Peter Panizza coxed by Tyler "Legend" Clement in Mens E Grade Coxed Quad

  • Ethan Bourke and Joe Lovrich in Mens C Grade Double


Minor placings went to:

  • Mitch Craig 2nd in Mens E Grade Single

  • Sophie Pilot 2nd in Womens D Grade Single

  • Bethany Newton 2nd in Womens E Grade Single

  • Jai Coutinho and Peter Panizza 3rd in Mens D Grade Double

  • Jon Allard and Mitch Craig 2nd in Mens E Grade Double

  • Richard Ralph, Alec Monger, Nigel Lucas, Phil Cockman coxed by Kay Jansen 2nd in Mens E Grade Coxed Four

  • Joe Lovrich 3rd in Mens B Grade Single


A massive congratulations to all of our athletes on their efforts this weekend and over the season. Next year will be very exciting.

As always thank you to our super coxes Liam, Tyler and Kay. Also a big thank you to Glen our Trailer Man, Cassandra our Regatta Marshall and to our coaches. It takes a big effort from everyone to make these regattas successful.

Moving forward, we are progressing to our summer program which commences on 1 October 2017 or to the Nationals program. Watch out for communications on these and don't forget to check out the website.

Till next time, as always, happy rowing.


(Click here for full Day 1 results)

(Click here for full Day 2 results)

Club Pennant Regatta 4 - Champion Lakes

Saturday 26 August 2017

ANA hosted our first pennant regatta of the season, which was a great success despite a low athlete turnount and fine weather keeping punters outside and away from the fabulous cafeteria fare!

All our volunteers did a great job and deserve special thanks.

Due to volunteering commitments we had a greatly reduces field of competitors but congratulations to Joe Lovrich for taking out the Mens C Grade Single Scull event.

(Click here for full results)

Club Pennant Regatta 5 - Champion Lakes

Sunday 27 August 2017


Today was the last regatta before the State Championships. The day started with some very ordinary weather which made for hard slog in the morning doubles events. Conditions eased as the day progressed with a number of crews making it through to the finals.

Congratulations to Phil Cockman, Alec Monger, Nigel Lucas and Richard Ralph, coxed by Kay Jansen, for winning the Mens E Grade Coxed Four.

Many thanks as always to our coaches, parents, marshal Cassandra and Glen the Trailer Man!

(Click here for full results)

SunSmart Schools/Masters State Championships - Champion Lakes

Saturday 12 August 2017

Email from a very expectant mum-to-be Captain Lauren

Today heralded the Sunsmart Schools / Masters Championships. This was the culmination of everyone's hard work throughout the season and a testing ground in advance of the Pennant State Champs to be held next month.

The weather forecast was dismal to say the least however whilst conditions were drizzly to start, overall the day held promise to be row-able.

Once racing started however, there was a change in the air. Rain and a terrible cross wind saw anyone in lane 1 with a distinct advantage over the rest of the field. "Deceptively choppy" was the name of the game with orders to strap everything down to trestles or bring them inside the shed.

There was a lovely theme of head shots with a few rowers sporting some injuries due to flying oars following crabs. Luckily these injuries were minor and you know you're not a real rower till you've been whacked in the face by your own blade anyway.

Amusingly, I also witnessed one of the umpire boats take itself for a turn about the lake on it's own (without driver) which necessitated a rescue mission.

A special mention to our super coxes:

Kay - the ever steady supreme machine

Liam - new guy on the block with talent to burn

Tyler - secret weapon who was still puffing and sweating from his cross country event (he didn't even wait for his results before tearing out to the lake - hope you won!)

A number of fabulous efforts by all out on the lake yesterday with a great "can do" attitude on display. There were a number of close seconds and thirds with our winners as follows:

  • Jenni Longman, Mary Cameron, Cassandra King, Sophie Pilot, Cox: Laurie Cranston in Masters Women A to D Coxed Quad

  • Cassandra King in Masters Women D to K Single Scull

  • Mary Cameron and Jenni Longman in Masters Women E to K Double Scull

  • Ethan Bourke and Joe Lovrich in School Boys Open Double Scull

  • Joe Lovrich in School Boys Open Single Scull

  • Rhys Du Ross, Tiffany Trainer, Bridget Axford, Regan Axford, Cox: Zane Harding in Schools Mixed Year Ten Coxed Quad

  • Tiffany Trainer, Adri Stuurstraat, Ethan Bourke, Joe Lovrich, Cox: Mitch Craig in Schools Mixed Open Coxed Quad

Big shout out as always to our coaches, parents, trainee marshal John and Glen the Trailer Man!

As always, happy rowing


​(Click here for full results)

SRRC Big Boat Sprint Regatta - Canning Bridge

Saturday 5 August 2017

Captain's Report -

This morning was the impromptu, inaugural Swan River Rowing Club Sprint Regatta held in lieu of the usual regatta in Bunbury (cancelled due to inclement weather).

Bizarrely, conditions at Canning Bridge were flat with fast following water rather than the expected wild rough ride so typical of that stretch of the river.

A fabulous team effort by everyone today with members stepping up and pitching in to cover sick rowers, parents (Dos and Denise) being shore marshals and new super cox, Liam, displaying his steering prowess on the water.

Winners today were:

  • Lucy Wearne, Andre Rowan, Glen McNeil, Chloris Colkers, Cox: Cassandra King in Masters Mixed A to K Coxed Quad

  • Belinda Cannell, Nancy Ralph, Kay Jansen, Chloris Colkers, Michelle Blake, Cassandra King, Debbie Ucich, Mary Cameron, Cox: Alexander Hodgins in Masters Women A To K Coxed Eight

As always a massive thank you to Glen the trailer man, Cassandra for being regatta marshal, our super coxes and coaches.


As always, happy rowing


(Click here for full results)

All Schools/Masters Regatta 3 - Champion Lakes

Saturday 16 July 2017

Captain's Report -

After weeks of perfect racing conditions, the weather gods promised to remind us what winter is about and we were not disappointed. Blustery wet conditions were the order for the day with a lovely, treacherous cross breeze causing havoc with steering.

Not that poor weather was going to stop our rowers. Everyone brought their best efforts to the lake with potentially our largest squad in attendance this year.

Memorable moment from today would be the men's single with Rhys Du Ross and Mitch Craig battling it out for supremacy. Some of you may remember that Rhys was the winner last weekend and Mitch was determined that he was not going to be beat today. This rivalry promises to make the event at the Masters / All Schools State Champs a Battle for the Ages.

Overall it was a great effort by everyone including from some fresh new faces with a number of gutsy seconds. Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Jennifer Longman, Cassandra King, Sophie Pilot, Mary Cameron, Cox: Laurie Cranston in Masters Women A to K Coxed Quad

  • Zane Harding, Heath Collins in Schools Boys Year Nine Double Scull

  • Bethany Newton in Schools Girls Year Nine Single Scull

  • Ethan Bourke and Joe Lovrich in Schools Boys Open Double Scull

  • Joe Lovrich in Schools Boys Open Single Scull

  • Cassandra King in Masters Women D to K Single Scull

  • Olivia Park, Hayley Hackman, Jak Menkens, Joshua Huxley, Zane Harding, Heath Collins, Freya Jones, Bella Murphy, Cox: Bethany Newton in Schools Mixed Year Ten Coxed Eight

  • Mitch Craig in Schools Boys Year Ten Single Scull

  • Hugh Bond, Nigel Lucas in Masters Men D Double Scull

  • Mary Cameron, Jennifer Longman in Masters Women E to K Double Scull

A big shout out as always to Glen the trailer man, our fabulous coaches and coxes as well as to the young men (Mitch and Rhys) who took on responsibility for loading the trailer in the afternoon. Great job guys, you were super organised and did a fab job!

As always, happy rowing

​(Click here for full results)

Pennant Regatta 3 - Champion Lakes

Saturday 8 July 2017

Captain's Report -

Saturday had a chilly start for the rescheduled Freo pennant regatta. Nonetheless, the freezing morning heralded beautiful clear rowing conditions with the lake looking like glass.

Fabulous effort from all of our rowers with some ding dong battles with nothing but bowballs in it and a few close seconds.

A big shout out to the winners on the day who walked away with medals:

  • Joe Lovrich in MC1X smashing the competition by 7.81 seconds and making it look easy over the longer distance

  • Rhys Du Ross in ME1X by the narrowest of margins (0.49 seconds) with Mitch Craig making him work for every centimetre.

As always, thank you very much to Glen the trailer man, Cassandra for being regatta marshal and our super coaches and coxes.


Happy Rowing


​(Click here for full results)

All Schools/Masters Regatta 2 - Champion Lakes

Saturday 17 June 2017

Captain's Report -

Conditions on the day were nearly perfect with a slight easterly in the morning which settled down to glass like conditions in the afternoon.

Sadly our Masters didn't bring home any bling, though there were a number of close 2nds with barely a bow ball in it, our young guns laid down the gauntlet to the competition and came out victorious in a number of races:

  • Tiffany Trainer and Bethany Newton in SGY92X

  • Tiffany Trainer in SGY91X

  • Joe Lovrich and Ethan Bourke in SBO2X

  • Joe Lovrich in SBO1X

  • Mitch Craig in SBY101X

A big thank you to Glen the trailer man, Mr Prez for popping down to lend a hand, Cassandra for being Trailer Master, our super coxes and to the coaches.


As always, happy rowing


(Click here for full results)

Bunbury Rowing Club Big Boat Regatta

Saturday 3 June 2017

Email from roving reporter Captain Lauren from Bunbury

The weather gods shined today for the Bunbury Big Boat Regatta. Forecast rain and 40 knot winds were replaced with sunny skies and a calm breeze to keep from getting too warm.

An absolutely brilliant day for ANA result wise with some rowers winning a majority of their races. Before naming the winners, a massive shout out Lily Kendall who made the trip just to cox. Other outstanding superstar coxes were Kay (the Wizard), Tiffany (the Secret Weapon) and Belinda (the Sneaker).

Winners today were:

  • WE8+ Belinda, Nancy, Chloris, Lucy, Tiffany, Marina, Kay and Emily coxed by the lovely Erin Fish from SRRC

  • MMA/K8+ Richard, Bruce, Hugh, Nigel, James, Tony, Glen and Phil coxed by Lily

  • WE4+ Chloris, Lucy, Marina and Tiffany coxed by Lily

  • MXA/K4X+ Mary Cameron [ANA], Kathy Ride [CUBC], Daniel Real [CUBC], Hugh Bond [ANA], Cox: Fiona Lea [CUBC]

  • MD4X+ James, Ben, Nigel and Phil coxed by Kay

  • WE4X+ Chloris, Lucy, Marina and Tiffany coxed by Belinda

  • ME4X+ Richard, Bruce, Alec Garkaklis and Ben coxed by Lily

Memorable moments from the day were Kay emulating the Michelin Man, Sophie and Mary dredging the river for the lost bow number to save a fine (Sophie found it by the way) and Emily rowing so hard in the first race of the day she had to have a quiet "chuckle".

Massive thank you to Nigel and Jess for towing the trailers and to the coaches for all their efforts.


Happy rowing


(Click here for full results)

All Schools/Masters Regatta 1 - Champion Lakes

Sunday 28 May 2017

Captain's Report -

The first Masters / All Schools Regatta was held on Sunday and it was a chilly start to the day.

A good effort was made by all with a full race schedule. This was the first regatta for a number of rowers and everyone performed admirably with a number of close seconds on the day including equal second place to Heath Collins and Zane Harding in SBY92X.

A big shout out to the following winners:

  • Cassandra King in MWD/K1X (it should be noted that Cassandra won a bronze medal at the National Masters earlier this month so is clearly a force to be reckoned with)

  • Cassandra King and Sophie Pilot in MWD2X

  • Rhys Du Ross in JWACS colours in SBY102X closely followed in hot pursuit by Mitch Craig and James Moore in second place

  • Tiffany Trainer and Rhys Du Ross in JWACS colours in SXY104X+

  • Mitch Craig in Trinity colours in SBY101X

As always, a big thank you to the coxes, coaches and Glen the trailer man (plus thank you to all those parents whose camp chairs I keep thieving)!


(Click here for full results)

Perth to Freo Head Race - Perth to Fremantle (16km)

Sunday 7 May 2017

Captain's Report -

This morning dawned fairly mild on the weather front with a helpful tail breeze for the 2017 P2F. This year we had 3 gutsy singles and 2 VIII's vying for victory over the long (16km) course.

There was a bit of chop at the start before some lovely calm water at Freshwater Bay to give the athletes confidence. Speed boats on the home stretch however reminded competitors of the notoriously unpredictable conditions that usually accompany the P2F.

There was a ding dong battle in the last stretch with the ANA women showing the men that length and efficiency win over brute strength with the men unable to pass the women before the buzzer.

Controversially, a single ANA zootie was spotted amongst a UWA crew in the Masters Mens VIII heading to the start line. All round good guy Mike filled in so the UWA men could get a paddle.

It was a great effort from all athletes with ANA walking away with some wins:

  • Cassandra in MWD/K1X

  • Richard, Bruce, Hugh, Nigel, James, Alec, Lawrence, Phil and cox Kay in the MMA/K8+

  • Jenni L, Nancy, Sophie, Marianne, Michelle, Emily, Debbie, Mary and cox Tyler in the MWA/K8+

A huge mention to super cox Kay and terrific Tyler for cracking the whip and keeping the rowers honest. I probably should also mention Mr Pres, Dave H, who did a remarkable reversing job at FRC and to James who towed the trailer successfully home after competing - glad you didn't fall asleep at the wheel.

Another notable mention is to Peter P (Jnr) who battled a huge field of 9 in his category and came second as well as to Laurie C who successfully navigated the course and returned dry!


(Click here for full results)

Mettams Head Race - Shelly to Canning Bridge (5km)

Sunday 23 April 2017

From the Captain -

Another great day for athletes at Mettams this morning with sunny skies and a helpful tail breeze. ANA had 13 boats on the water across the 2 distances and successfully returned with 6 medals plus a host of places which was a great effort by all. Winners were as follows:

  • Hugh and Nigel in MMA/C2X

  • Cassandra in MWA/K1X

  • Laurie's ladies coxed by the lovely Hannah in WD/E8+

  • Richard, Alec, Lawrence and Phil coxed by super cox Kay in MMA/K4X

  • Chris, James, Jai and Ethan coxed by the wonderful Tyler in MD/E4X

Big shout out to all the coxes who came down and helped make this effort possible. Also, a huge thank you to James and Glenn for towing the trailer and to Michelle who found the vehicle! Without their efforts, everyone would have had a lovely warm up row from ANA to Canning Bridge.

Next race will be Perth to Fremantle on 7 May 2017 which is singles and eights only - enter if you dare

​(Click here for full results)

ANA Head Race - Guildford to Bayswater (6km)

Sunday 9 April 2017

The opening regatta of the 2017 season was hosted by ANA and we took home a swag of medals! Winners were:

  • Richard, Bruce, Hugh, Nigel, James, Alec, Lawrence, Phil and cox Kay in the MMA/K8+

  • Jenni L, Nancy, Sophie, Marianne, Michelle, Emily, Debbie, Mary and cox Hannah in the MWA/K8+ (photo below)

  • James, Chris, Jai, Ethan and cox Tyler in the MD/E4X+

  • Ian, Mike, Neil, Andrew and cox Alison in the MMA/F4+

  • Belinda, Tiffany, Denise, Cassandra and cox Patrick in WD/E4X+

​(Click here for more photos)

(Click here for full results)

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