This is the online home of one of Western Australia’s most vibrant and progressive rowing clubs.
We hope you enjoy your time here and get the chance to come down and visit us at the Hinds Reserve in Bayswater, Perth sometime soon.
ANA is made up of a mixture of recreational and racing members and is proud to be able to offer rowing to anybody who would like to be involved in the sport. Our goal is to promote rowing for every body. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.

We are always happy to share our enthusiasm for this wonderful sport.


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ANA’s goal is to be the premier rowing club in Western Australia (and then the world!). 

We aim to promote the sport of rowing in WA and to provide a safe and fun environment for people to learn how to row and then provide on-going support to improve their skills to whatever level they aspire to.


ANA’s boatshed and clubrooms are located at the Hinds Reserve, Bayswater. It is just upstream of the Garrat Rd Bridge with access via Milne St. We share the Reserve with Perth College Rowing and with the WAIS kayaking program, plus the many locals who use the area for canoing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, walking, running, cycling, picnics and BBQs. The Hinds Reserve is a very busy but friendly place to be.

ANA members can row upstream for at least 10km, past Guildford Grammar School, until the river becomes too narrow for easy navigation. This stretch of river is wide enough to row comfortably with several boats abreast, but narrow enough to provide shelter from winds and sun. Most of it is lined with native bushland and parks and we are usually surrounded by native birdlife (black swans, pelicans, cormorants, grebes, darters) and even the occasional dolphin.

We can also row downstream all the way to Fremantle (25km), or onto the Canning River all the way down to the Shelley Bridge (20km), although we normally stick to the part upstream of the Graham Farmer Freeway, with just the odd trip into Perth City. This stretch is wider, and consequently rougher, with more power boats. However, it is still almost always rowable and provides good wide straight sections for our elite and sub-elite crews to practice racing pieces.



The club was formed in 1920 as part of the Australian Natives Association (ANA) Aquatic Club. A group of members from other clubs were fed up with ‘imported’ (British and European) rowers coming in and taking all the places in the top crews. They wanted to start their own club so affiliated with the ANA whose requirement for membership was that you were born in Australia.

The ANA was a friendly society formed in Melbourne in 1871, intended to promote “moral, social and intellectual improvement of its members” with no political or sectarian influences. The ANA was very influential in Australia from the 1880s to the 1970s. It played a very important role in the Federation of Australia and helped shape policy on defence (establishing an Australian rather than British defence force), transport (standardizing railway gauges across Australia), aboriginal welfare, decimal coinage, conservation of natural resources, housing, education and health (maternal and infant welfare). It initiated the campaign to promote Australian-made goods (“Buy Australian-made”) and develop Australian manufacturers, and was prominent in the establishment of Australia Day as a national celebration. The ANA merged with another friendly society in 1993 to form Australian Unity.

The rowing club was housed in the Aquatic Club headquarters, also the head office of the ANA in WA, just upstream of the West Australian Rowing Club near Barrack St in the city. The Aquatic Club also catered for swimming, sailing and social activities – a total of 130 members when construction of the headquarters was completed in 1922. The headquarters were said to be the finest aquatic club building in the Commonwealth (by the Club itself of course!).

The original rowers included several members of the WA Interstate Eight crew (now King’s Cup). The initial boat fleet consisted of 2 fours built for the club, and no oars (they had to be imported from England and were delayed in transit) but they still managed to win the Maiden Pair, Junior Pair, Maiden Four and Junior Four in their first year.

In 1923 the ANA Ladies Rowing Club was formed, prompting a revival in ladies’ rowing in WA. At this point, WA was the only state not represented in the ladies’ races at the National Championships, even when they were held in WA. 

Stan O’Brien (one of our life members) was the Aquatic Club President in 1930.


The club won the Championship Pennant in the 1960-61 rowing season.

The Aquatic Club boatshed was destroyed by fire in 1961, destroying all boats, equipment and memorabilia.

The club relocated to Canning Bridge and begun to rebuild its boat fleet. Conditions at Canning were cramped, with no space to expand. However the rowers continued to compete successfully, winning several Championship Pennants until their final Pennant win in 1975.

In 1992, the club made the difficult decision to move to its present location in Bayswater. This was a very controversial and divisive issue, as many members lived close to the Canning location. The club lost most of its membership in the move so was forced to rebuild for the second time in 30 years, this time rebuilding a membership base instead of its boat fleet.

The move to Bayswater has proved to be a visionary decision. The club’s current location offers unparalleled water, space for massive expansion of the boat fleet and proximity to a population otherwise unexposed to rowing. It has also led to strong links with several schools who also row in the area.

If anyone who has any past memorabilia or information on our history, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Committee.


Rowing at ANA

Rowing is a sport that almost anyone can do, at any stage of their life. It is low impact and provides a whole-body workout for those wishing to get fit. Or, it can offer a fantastic outlet from the stresses of modern life and be wonderfully relaxing. The club also offers an active social scene, with many friendly new people to meet. We recommend that people learning to row be:

• Older than 12 years of age

• Less than 120kg 

• Be able to swim at least 100m, fully clothed.

ANA offers two different ways to learn to “scull”. “Sculling” refers to the type of rowing where each person has two oars. Sculling can be done in single sculls (1 person, 2 oars), double sculls (2 people, 4 oars) or quadruple sculls (4 people, 8 oars) Sweep oar rowing, where each person only has one oar, is generally taught informally to members within the club after they can scull. Sweep oar rowing is done in pairs (2 people, 2 oars), fours (4 people, 4 oars) and eights (8 people, 8 oars).


Learn-to-Row Regattas

Held once a year, this regatta is aimed at those wishing to learn to row in a group activity. Four people, freinds, work colleagues or new aquaintences, are coached for five sessions and then let loose on the Ascot Straight racing stretch.

A fun way to learn about rowing and a great day out for families, friends and co-workers. This is the perfect team-building event for companies and other sporting associations.

There's one coming up in 2016 click here for more info

Sculling Course

ANA offers Sculling Courses all-year-round.

This is a five (5) week course which teaches complete beginners how to handle and row a single scull. There is also some rowing in crew boats, but the main focus of the course is teaching people to row a single scull. The course runs on Sunday mornings at 9 am with each lesson taking approximately 1.5 hrs.

The course costs $100, payable on your first lesson by cash or cheque. This includes the 5 lessons, plus a couple of additional sessions afterwards to help you decide if you would like to join the club. There is no obligation to join up, although if you would like any further information about the club, just ask or check out the rest of our website  


Sculling Courses in summary...

Time: Sunday mornings, 9am
Hinds Reserve, Bayswater

Sculling course dates are subject to change as events or weather conditions require.

They generally run for five consecutive weeks, but may have weeks off in the middle, eg for Easter. There is generally one week off between courses. The planned dates for the sculling course are below. Please contact us to confirm the dates.

We can only cater for 10 people on each course,
so please contact us to book your spot.



IMPORTANT - How boats are graded


Experienced racing crews with the Captain's express permission only
Teal/turquoise C grade or higher crews or other crews with the Captain's express permission
Pink All other racing. Very experienced recreational crews with Captain's permission
Orange For use by experienced recreational crews
Yellow Unrestricted use

Click on the image to get details of the boat.

  Denotes a boat out of action

Single Scull single
Double/Pair doublepair
Quad/Four fourquad
Eight eight


The Single Scull

Single Scull single

The only way to row really.

Hard to master, wonderful when right.


Single sculls available

SINGLES Convict ships arriving at Swan River Colony (1830’s)
Tracer 5 Lincelles
Tracer 6 Hashemy
Tracer 7 Scindian
Tracer MUBC Minden
Tracer Macca Vimeira
Racing - white/celeste Hougoumont
Racing - blue/yellow Belgravia
Q1 Lord Raglan
Q (L) Marion
11 Edwina Fox
12 Phoebe Dunbar
13 Clara
14 Lord Dalhousie
15 Dudbrook
Rec 1 Lady Louisa
Rec 2 Orelia
Rec 4 Clarinda
Rec 5 Prima Donna
Rec 6 Mermaid
Rec 7 Lady of the Lake
Rec 8 Lady Douglas
Rec 10 Lady Amherst
Rec - red hull Cleopatra
Rec - blue hull Esmeralda
Rec - orange dot Runnymede
Rec - C&L Sir John Rae Reid
Rec - Pea Fairhead Corona



The Double Scull

Double Scull double

Great to row and quite a good way to get better at sculling by rowing with people better than yourself,
if they'll put up with you!

The Sweep Pair

Sweep Pair pair

Two people with one sweep oar each.

Bloody hard to balance, steer and easy to turn over! Good fun though!


Double sculls available

JD McKenzie Alan Hall Life member
Olympic Blue Stripe Barry McKinnon Services to ANA*
201 Stuart Ridgway Services to ANA*
205 James Carpenter Services to ANA*
Bretts Brett Hummel Services to ANA*
Al Isherwood Kay Jansen Services to ANA*
Ascanius A. Murphy Life member 1954
Telemachus B. Colbran Life member 1960
Explorer 1 E.J. Stuart Life member 1960
Explorer 2 R. Dodds Life member 1965
* Services to ANA deemed to be a signifcant contribution to the club and a minimum of seven years membership


The Quad Scull

Quad Scull four

The best boat to row.

Great to improve sculling.

Available coxed and uncoxed.

The Sweep Four

Sweep Four quad

Good boat to learn how to sweep row.

Available coxed or uncoxed.


Quads/fours available

Filippi Glyn Heath Life member 2002
Empacher Alexandra Hayes Australian Representative
Empacher Hannah Jansen Australian Representative
Ex-Aoc Tim Boyle Services to ANA*
Penrith Cup Geoff Mitchell Life member
Bow Loader Joseph Cooke Life member 1949
Fiskerstrand Siok Cheng Life member 2013
Penrith Johnson A. Marshall Life member 1949
Chris White Stan O’Brien Life member 1949
Alison Smith H.A. Bottrell Life member 1967
Gaskin Megan Phillips Services to ANA*
Yellow Sykes W4- Wally MacMillan Life member 1976
Sam Humble W.T. Browne Life member 1970
* Services to ANA deemed to be a signifcant contribution to the club and a minimum of seven years membership



The Eight

Eight eight

The biggest and fastest.

Fantastic when rowed well.

Truly horrid when not!


ANA Mens B Eight - Australasian Master Games 2007 - Silver Medalists

Boxing Kangaroo unchanged
Filippi Laurie Anderson Life member 2004
Harvey Nicholson Reg Day Life member 1949
Cygnet Pip Mitchell Australian Representative
New 8 (2012) Denys Warren Life member 2002
* Services to ANA deemed to be a signifcant contribution to the club and a minimum of seven years membership


All rowing equipment is divided into 5 grades. 

Higher graded boats and oars are generally very light, stiff and fragile. This makes the boats unstable and difficult to balance and row. Because the oars are stiff, they can contribute to injuries in inexperienced, unfit or young rowers due to poor technique or incorrect setup in the boat. The equipment is also very easy to break and expensive to fix. 

Lower graded boats and oars are heavier but much more robust. The boats are generally wider so they are more stable in the water and easier to row. The materials and construction of oars and particularly boats are different so they are much more resistant to damage by impact or incorrect handling. This makes them particularly suitable for inexperienced rowers. 


How to join up

If you have not rowed before, we recommend you complete one of our Learn-to-Row options before joining the club.

If you have already done so, or have rowed previously, please follow the steps below to join the club.

Complete a Membership Application Form

Get two existing club members to sign your application form (or contact the Secretary if you don’t know two existing members)

Submit the form with at least 6 months membership fees (see summary on right) via the correspondence box in the shed, by mail, or in person to the Secretary or Treasurer.

Your Application will be posted in the boatshed then reviewed at the next committee meeting for approval (it is very rare for applications to be rejected). You will then be notified that your membership has been accepted.

You must also complete a Shed Information and Equipment Care course. This course covers general boat safety, correct boat handling practices and also covers the Club’s Code of Conduct - in forms and docs. It takes 1 to 2 hours and is held at the boat shed, usually on a weekend morning. The Shed Information course is an essential part of club membership and all members must have completed it.

Contact the Secretary to find out when the next course is.

You are welcome to continue rowing prior to formal acceptance of your membership, and prior to completing the Shed Information course. However, you must be under the supervision of an experienced member. Once you are approved and you have completed the Shed Information course you will be given access to the boatshed so you can row whenever you want. 

Membership Fees

Our membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.
Membership subs reduce to half for people joining after 1 October.

ANA Bank details for EFT
BSB 736-000
A/C No: 070182
Name of Account ANA Rowing Club - 109 St Georges Terrace Perth WA

Membership Type

Annual Fee



Student Racing (full time tertiary)


School Student Racing




Social inc. Gym


Social (non rowing)


Rowing at ANA

We aim to provide rowing and coaching to all levels and aspirations: beginners, recreational, club racers, elite racers and options for non-rowing members.

Coaching is available to everyone as part of being a member at ANA.

We also welcome visitors from other rowing clubs, particularly those visiting Perth from other parts of Australia or overseas. If you are visiting Perth and would like to fit a row into your holiday (or work!) schedule, please contact the Captain to arrange a suitable time and crew.

All visitors should have the permission of the Captain or Secretary to use club equipment so please make sure you contact one of us, even if you know other members at the club.


We offer coaching sessions to new members who have learnt to row, either through one of our learn-to-row programs, or at other organizations. These sessions aim to increase the confidence and competence of new rowers so that they can get the most out of their experience on the water.

Times will generally be arranged to suit individuals, and are small groups only – often only two rowers and a coach, rowing alongside or in the boat with the beginners. After a rower is confident with their ability (the number of sessions required varies, but will usually be between 5 and 15) we aim to move rowers into one of our other coaching groups, depending on their goals.

Please contact our Learn-to-row officer for more information or to organize a session.



Recreational rowing is available to anyone who wishes to enjoy their rowing without getting involved in the racing side of things. Recreational members vary from beginners who have just completed a learn-to-row course to ex-elite members who now enjoy a more relaxed involvement in the sport.

We do not have formal session times or coaching arrangements for recreational rowers. However there are some specific times that crews can normally be found heading out for a row.

Thursday, 6pm

Sunday, 6:30am

If you would like to get involved in one of these sessions, or find some people to row with at an alternate time, please contact our Captain.


Non-Rowing Options

There are many options available for being involved in the sport of rowing, without actually doing any rowing.

ANA offers a social membership for people who wish to be part of the club but not row. There are many ways these people can get involved in club activities, from cooking the Sunday morning BBQ, equipment maintenance, helping out at club events, or even just coming down and attending club social functions. Below are some other non-rowing ways that you can be an integral part of the club.

Coxswains are the people who yell at and steer the large crew boats. Coxes are a vital part of a crew and are in short supply at ANA, like most places. If you’d like to be involved in rowing and even racing without doing the hard training, maybe you’d like to take up coxing? Most coxes are reasonably small (<65kg), as racing crews don’t like the cox to be the heaviest person in the boat! Recreational crews will often have larger coxswains.

Umpires and race officials are a necessary part of running regattas. While racing experience is preferred, most people can learn to be a race official. Taken seriously, this can lead you to umpiring at national and even international events. Or you can just do a couple of sessions a year to help the club out and have some fun.

Coaches are always in demand. If you have rowing experience but do not wish to row yourself, we are always looking for coaches and would welcome any assistance.




Club Racing

The racing season in Western Australia runs from mid-April to late September. Long distance (“head”) races are generally held early in the season, followed by Pennant Regattas leading up to the State Championships in September.

The races are split into 5 grades (A, B, C, D and E) plus Masters (>27yrs) and SubJunior (<15yrs) categories so everyone can find a level suitable for them. You do not need lots of experience to race – it is something you learn as you go along. Racing is a great way to improve your rowing skills, learn to row a range of different boats, meet new people, improve your fitness and have a lot of fun.

We try to provide coaches for two sessions a week for around 5 different squads, based on their skill levels and ages. The coaches and squads will vary each season based on who is available and how many racing members we have in different grade and age categories. More details of our current coaching structure can be found on the Racing page of the Member section.

Being an active racing member requires a minimum level of commitment. If you are rowing in a crew you will be expected to come to a minimum of two, but usually three or four, training sessions per week. These are usually early in the morning.

Your squad may also do additional sessions such as weights or ergos (rowing machines) once or twice a week. Like most things, you will get out of it what you put in. If you are serious about racing and want to be in fast crews, you can choose to do additional training sessions. However, if you are just racing for fun (which a lot of people do), you can do a minimum number of rowing sessions and no additional training. It’s all up to you.

If you race you will also be expected to attend boat loading prior to each regatta you attend, and boat unloading after the regattas. You are also expected to help out with club fundraising events and maintenance sessions throughout the year.

If you are interested in racing with ANA, please check out the Racing page of the Membership section and contact the Captain.


Elite Racing

ANA is serious about developing elite athletes from within the club. Whenever possible we attempt to form squads based at ANA to help athletes train for the National Championships. When we don’t have sufficient numbers to support coaching at ANA we will provide whatever assistance we can to secure coaching for our athletes at other clubs or venues.

The squads generally consist of junior (U17, U19) and Senior B (U23) athletes and train from October until the Nationals in March. These squads require a lot of commitment, training up to 12 times per week on the water or in the gym. A good performance at Nationals may lead to selection in an Australian team for World Championships or even the Olympics.

Athletes from other clubs are welcome to train with our squads for a fixed fee for the training period. Please contact the Captain if you would like to pursue this option.


Just loading...

Donating to ANA Rowing Club

Donate to ANA Rowing Club (Inc) and claim the tax deduction for the whole amount.

Donation receipts will be sent directly from Australian Sports Foundation.

Visit the link for online donations. (which goes to the ANA equipment project for the Fund).


New Committee for 2015–16

President - David Haines
Vice President - Neil Smith
Captain - Laurie Anderson
Vice Captain - Alexis Whelan
Secretary - Leonie Edwards
Treasurer - Siok Cheng
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer - Nigel Lucas
Racing Selection - Jess Bosio
Committee Members - Carole Pedri, Cassandra King, Darren Sparks

Click on the contact tab for more details

Learn-to-row regatta a resounding success

Well done to all the organising committee on a smooth but event-full day

Click here for slideshow of the day


Friday evening BBQ

Every first Friday of the month there will be a BBQ/Foody event at the clubrooms.

We would love to see all members and their friends and family at these gatherings.
Just bring a small something to add to the food pile.

Keep an eye on the message board for the theme.


Previous newsletters

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Issue 6 Jun 10, Issue 7 Jul 10, Issue 8 Aug 19, Issue 9 Nov-Dec 10, Issue 10 Feb 11,

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ANA Rowing Club
PO Box 6, Bayswater, WA 6933

The Committee

Vice Captain

Vice President
Assistant to the Secretary/Treasurer
Committee representatives

Our club is run entirely by volunteers. The Committee is elected at the AGM in February each year.

We are always in need of more assistance and are happy to see new faces on the committee.

If you want to be involved in how the club is run, please consider being on the committee.

Or, if you just want to give a hand with getting things done, or have some new ideas, please come and see us.


The person to see for public relations
issues, promoting the club and any
general queries about the club in
the wider environment.

Dave Haines - President


Vice President

To back up the president and his
duties when absent.


Neil Smith - Vice President


The person to see for any and all
queries relating to equipment and
facilities use and rowing at ANA.


Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson - Captain

Vice Captain

Backing up the Captain on all racing
issues, or other Captain’s duties
when others aren’t around.

Ben Paparo

Alexis Whelan - Vice Captain


The person to see for anything
to do with fees and money.


Siok Cheng - Treasurer

Tel : 0406 471 197



Contact for anything to do with
membership and general queries

Leonie Edwards - Secretary


Assistant to the Secretary/Treasurer

Ben Paparo

Nigel Lucas


Racing Selection


Jess Bosio

Committee members

Carole Pedri

Cassandra King


Darren Sparks


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Mike Quinn, WA – RowGear - - 0417 096 446
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Johnson Racing, SA – – 08 8244 0949
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Ted Hale Rowing, QLD - - 07 55 368 960
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Equipment Repairs

Sykes Racing VIC – (online store) – 03 5221 3655 (speak with Phil)
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